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International trade offers lots of business opportunities , still, several companies struggle to expand outside of their existing markets to capture the benefits of global trade.

Expansion can be delayed by a lack of insight into local markets, as well as the need to identify the right market entry models and local partners to reduce risk while maximizing reach. A thousand things change completely as you go from one market to another, and a thousand things stay exactly the same. The difficulty is in knowing which is which – what needs to change, what can stay the same.
At Global Merchant Group we love to help businesses grow and flourish. Our team supports businesses of all sizes, helps them to develop its overseas presence and begin (or increase) international trading.
We work with small and emerging businesses, mid-sized companies, large corporations, and multi-nationals.
Our expertise in international trade is unmatched. We like to think it’s more than just knowledge. We really care.

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 Global Merchant Group is a marketer of physical commodities.
Our team physically source commodities and products from our global supplier base – and sell them to customers all over the world.

This means transporting commodities by sea, rail, and truck, storing them, and delivering them to the time, quality and specification that our customers need.

We market to a broad base of industrial consumers, in sectors such as agriculture and forestry, food, consumer and industrial goods, oil and automotive.
We aim to maintain long-term commercial relationships with our customers, who value our scale, reputation and market knowledge.
We are adding value throughout the supply chain and help other businesses to make money from arbitrage – in other words, buying a commodity at a certain price, and selling it at a predictably higher price, taking into account our costs.


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Our approach fosters the highest level of professionalism, personal ownership and entrepreneurial spirit in all our people while never compromising on their safety and well-being. This is important to our success and the superior returns we aim to achieve for all our stakeholders.

We aim to achieve our key deliverables efficiently as a path to industry-leading returns, while maintaining a clear focus on excellence, quality, sustainability and continuous improvement in everything we do.

what we do


Are you interested in importing from a developing or developed country? We know that the import procedure can be extremely complex, confusing, and costly but we know how to help. We can put you in touch with reliable, certified suppliers equipped for doing business with an international partner. Moreover, our team of experts will navigate you through the entire import process, provide you with market advice, help you to alter your strategy for the seamless fit into a new market and finance your operations.


Whether you're taking your first steps or looking to grow your business internationally, we can help with every stage of your export journey, whether it's to select the market, reaching your consumer or help you with financing and documentation. We have the tools and expertise to help you simplify processes, improve your customer experience and grow your business. We provide tailored support packages for companies, from SMEs to multinationals. Arrange a face to face meeting with one of our specialists.

we move products around the world

Shipment, Route & Mode Optimization Transportation Management System (TMS); Carrier Negotiations; Freight Audit & Payment; Vendor Inbound Management; Flatbed & Heavy Haul; Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding; Customs Brokerage; Regulatory Compliance Services; Order Management; Global Agent Network

we share knowledge with our partners

We can help to expand your customer base and expose you to new markets. We offer advisory services, networks, and export capability development services for companies in developing and developed countries that are seeking sales channels and new customers in new markets.

what we specialize in

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Agricultural, Food and Forestry

Processed Fruit and Vegetables and Edible Nuts; Spices and Herbs; Fish and Seafood; Coffee; Cacao; Natural Ingredients for Health Products; Vegetable Oils; Honey and Sweeteners; Timber and Timber Products;

Machinery and Industrial Products

New and Used Automobiles and Automotive Parts. Electronics and Electrical Engineering components; Medical and Laboratory Devices;

Consumer Products

Home Decoration and Home Textiles;


Product sourcing and international market research;

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